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Penguin SheltersSee our selection of screenrooms:


Free-standing (Gazebo Style Screenrooms)

Add-A-Room – Deluxe (Attaches to Any RV or Wall)

Add-A-Room – Regular (Attaches to Any RV or Wall)

All-Weather Shelters

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Gazebo Style

Gazebo StyleRound, Square or Rectangular

Screened Rooms by GAZEBO-penguin feature extra heavy duty aluminum with baked enamel finish and 100% rust proof fibreglass screens.

For gracious warm weather entertaining for your family and friends. Moves your living room outdoors where it’s cool. Use it in the garden, as a cabana, a card room or around a spa. Makes a great sitting room (cool by day, too, thanks to ultraviolet shielding in the roof).

Makes a great bedroom on muggy nights. Optional wind or privacy panels, clear or white, provide extra privacy or protection from wind.

Gazebo StyleMade of fully extruded aluminum

Sliding doors on all models, except round. The benefits of sliding door versus the spring door are:

  • Takes less space to open
  • Safer for children as they can open the door without having it spring back on them.
  • The door handle can be put at any height so that the children can reach it.
  • Wheel chair user accessible.

Other benefits:

  • Comes with a tracking system to fasten to a wood or concrete platform.
  • Roofs have an ultra violet light inhibiter.
  • Wind panels come in a sets of clear or white and are easily installed or removed.

These rooms come in various sizes:

  • Round rooms come in 10′, 11′, 12′, 13′, and 14′ diameters.
  • Square rooms are 7’6″x7’6″, or 11’4″x11’4″.
  • Rectangular rooms are 7’6″x9’6″, 7’6″x11’4″, and 11’4″x15’1″.
  • Oblong rooms are 13’x9′, 15’x9′, and 16’x9′

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Add a room

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Deluxe Add-A-Room

(All add-a-rooms require height of 96″ at rear wall to deck, minor variations to minimum of 88″, or maximum of 107″are possible but at an additional charge.)

Homeowners and Campers can extend the enjoyment of their Patio, Lawn or Deck with Add-A-Room’s easy to assemble screen enclosure which attaches to any exterior wall or Trailer or RV.

(Deluxe Add-A-Room Rafter 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″)

Because of the larger rafters these rooms can be obtained in a variety of lengths from the trailer wall outward. The standard sizes are 7’6″, 9’6″, and 11’4″. The available widths of the room (along the trailer or house wall), are 7’6″, 11’4″, 15’1″, 18’10”, 22’7″ and 26’3″. These can be manufactured to custom sizes as well, for a premium surcharge, but these are regular production sizes.

Families can now enjoy outdoor living such as barbecues, parties, sleepouts, or hot tubs without the annoyance of insects. Add-A-Rooms give you the chance to enjoy outdoor living.

The standard roof has a sun blocking mildew resistant 3 ply vinyl, styled with scallops. Roof colors available are  Grey, Green, Blue, White and Taupe

Add-A-Rooms are simple enough for two people to assemble. Details and diagrams for step-by-step instructions are provided in every box.

Optional wind panels come in a sets of clear or white and are easily installed or removed. providing greater privacy and wind protection.

Add-A-Rooms are available in a variety of sizes to fit most patios, decks, RVs and trailers.

Frame colors are available in White, or Sand  Aluminum

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Regular Add-A-Room

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Regular Add-A-Room

The regular Add-A-Room features the same construction principles, but with the lighter roof rafter construction to reduce cost, using tubular aluminum rather than the 1 3/4″ square tubing used on the deluxe model.

This is a slightly less expensive room than the Deluxe model, but every bit an equal room in all other respects.

This is the ORIGINAL Gazebo room, in use for years. These rooms come in various lengths, but in only one size insofar as distance from the trailer or house wall. That size is 7’6″

The standard roof has a sun blocking mildew resistant 3 ply vinyl, styled with scallops. Roof colors available are  Grey, Green, Blue, White and Taupe

The lengths are 11’4″, 15’1″, 18’10”, 22’7″, and 26’3″. Custom length sizes are available, for a premium surcharge.

Frame colors are available in White, or Sand Aluminum


We also carry in-stock, or can get in a very short time any required parts for these rooms.

Call (705)-887-7113 for prices OR use our contact form. NOTE: Please include style and size in any inquiry for pricing.


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